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Where are Sunjoy Radiance's products made?

Sunjoy Radiance's products are manufactured right here in the US!

Is There a Guarantee This Will Clear Up My Skin?

A few things to note about our products before you buy. 

1. It takes time to see results. Each person is unique in how long it takes to clear up. Some need a couple of weeks, and some require a couple of months. Depending on how long you have been dealing with breakouts and how much inflammation is below the surface will dictate how long it takes to see results. It takes time to help reduce the inflammation below the surface of the skin and to work through the breakouts you have had for many weeks, months, or years. 

Some users clear up really quickly while others need more time. This is based on your skin and the nature of the way breakouts work. 

2. These products can make you break out before you see clear skinThis is called Skin Purging. This doesn't happen to everyone and isn’t specific to our products. When you introduce new skincare, it works to speed up new skin cell growth and to pull inflammation below the surface up and out. This process generally takes a few weeks, but great results are seen after this. This won't last forever and note these breakouts would have come up on their own time regardless. :) If you want to help skip this process, pair the products with a facial with extractions. (If you are an esthetician and want to be included in our recommend facialist list, please contact our support team

We can not guarantee users will see results because there are lifestyle factors, medication, and other skincare that could affect the results you see. If you have questions we are happy to help clear up what could slow results down. 

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Each person's results will be different based on lifestyle habits and previous product choices.

Some of our users see results on the first night, and others take a few months before they see any improvement. It is based on your unique skin and what is going on below the surface of your skin.

Some users start to clear up immediately, and others will breakout first and then clear up. Unfortunately, this is the nature of a breakout, and with the introduction of these products, this is possible. They contain a lot of active ingredients that help speed up the healing and detoxing of the skin. Hang in there; they are working to help your skin. 

Do you test products on animals?

No. Sunjoy Radiance has never tested on animals at any stage of product development and never will. We also do not contract with any third parties to conduct animal testing on our behalf. We're part of the Leaping Bunny Program, which means not only have we eliminated animal testing from our company, but also from our ingredient suppliers.

I am breaking out when using your products, Is this normal?

We receive emails from time to time of ladies who have been using the products for about a week or two and notice an increase in the amount of breakouts. This is normal and can happen to some of our users.

The life cycle of a breakout can take up to 8 weeks to come to the surface of the skin. With the introduction of these products, they contain all active ingredients that are designed to detox and heal. If there is a buildup of inflammation under the skin, this can come to the surface quickly and at once. This period should pass, and you will be on your way to clearer skin. :)

If you do not have time to wait for your skin to clear up and need quicker results, we recommend a facial with extractions to help remove the buildup in the skin and allow the products to work quickly and efficiently without having to work through this detox process. 

Are the products safe to use for all skin types?

All products were formulated to be safe for all skin types. 

*Please consult your doctor with the list of ingredients found on the website if you have any concerns. 

What temperature do these products need to be stored at?

We recommend storing Sunjoy Radiance products in a room temperature dry place, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

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