"We don’t believe in bad skin, just bad skin care."

Founder & CEO of Sunjoy Radiance.

As a teen in Miami, Mirlene didn't know where to turn to treat her acne and dark spots. No one she knew with melanin-rich skin ever talked about skincare or addressed her skin concerns. She began searching for quick-fix solutions that led her to try some risky remedies that did more harm than good. When she became a makeup artist at 24, makeup offered an effective camouflage. No one could see what was underneath. At that point, she was so used to having makeup on every day that she couldn't leave her home without it. "I can't tell you how insecure I felt because of my appearance."
After years of trying out different products and nothing working for her skin, She decided to take matters into her own hands and teamed up with a highly Certified Cosmetic Formulation Developer to create her go-to problem/solution skincare system. She came out with a skincare routine that has cleared up her skin tremendously and left her skin looking smooth, even, and radiant.

Of course, she couldn’t keep this discovery to herself, knowing that there are men and women with acne-prone skin just like her who are actively seeking solutions for their complexion challenges. She created Sunjoy Radiance for you and everyone searching for products that work. It’s a skincare regimen that was born out of her personal experiences. Most of all, Sunjoy Radiance combines ingredients derived from natural sources with hi-tech formulations that are dermatologist and esthetician-approved.
Finally, finding a routine that worked was genuinely empowering for her, and she wants that same feeling for you.

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